Best Trees for City Living

This guide provides suggestions on infrastructure-friendly trees for your property. Additional options may be available at local nurseries. Here are some important questions to ask when picking a tree for your yard:

  • How much sunlight does the tree need?

  • How tall with the tree grow?

  • How wide is the root system?

  • How much space do I need from sewer, water or electrical lines?

  • What about sidewalks?

  • Does the tree have seeds or fruit that will drop?

  • What color does it turn in the fall?

  • Does it flower in the spring?

  • Is this tree prone to disease or inspects?

  • How fast will the tree grow?


Tree Lawn Approved

For between the road and sidewalk, on the non-electric line side of the street only. *Must have a minimum of 4' width of tree lawn to plant!*


Sugar Tyme Crabapple

Malus 'Sutyzam' - Mature Height 15'

Beautiful, compact tree for all seasons. Plink buds open to white blossoms in the spring, with small red crabapples 1/2" in diameter in the fall. Needs fun sun. Excellent for street use. 

Centurion Crabapple

Malus 'Centzam' - Mature Height 25'

A disease tolerant tree with a strong upright branching form. In the spring, rose-red blossoms with dark green foliage. Glossy cherry red fruit from September - December. Excellent for street use.

Ivory Silk Lilac

Syringa 'Ivory Silk' - Mature Height 25'

A hardy, compact growing, small flowering tree. Begins flowering at a young age, blooming in early July. Ideal for uniform street tree planning.

Valley Forge Elm

Ulmus American 'Valley Forge' - Mature Height 60+'

U.S. National Arboretum's Dutch elm, disease tolerant tree. Tolerant to air pollution & urban conditions. Extremely vigorous classic American street tree. NO OVERHEAD LINES. 


Front Yard Friendly

For personal property with electric lines, sidewalks and other utilities to consider

Trident Maple

Acer 'Buergerianum' - Mature Height 25'

A very attractive small to medium-sized maple, usually used as a lawn specimen or patio tree. Flaky bark with fall foliage varying reds & oranges. Full sun is ideal condition.

Flowering Dogwood

Cornus florida - Mature Height 15-20'

Beautiful native flowering tree that blooms early spring. Many varieties of white & pink dogwoods to choose from. Red foliage in fall. Likes partial shade. Attracts birds & butterflies.

Snow Goose Cherry

Prunus x 'Snow Goose' - Mature Height 20-25'

Beautiful accent tree with robust white flowers. Very hardy & disease/insect resistant. Highly tolerant of urban pollution. Bright green foliage in season with yellow foliage in fall.

Autumn Brilliance Serviceberry

Amelanchier x grandiflora - Mature Ht. 20-25'

Small tree prized for its brilliant orange-red fall color & clusters of fragrant white flowers in the spring. Disease resistant. Single stem or multi stem tree. Full sun to partial shade.


Front Yard Shade Trees

For personal property with room for a large shade tree and space to grow. 

Celebration Maple

Acer x freemanii 'Celzam' - Mature Height 45'

A disease resistant tree, tolerant of urban pollution & seedless! Small red flowers in early spring & crisp green foliage in spring/summer. Beautiful fall foliage of red to gold.

Princeton Sentry Ginkgo

Ginkgo biloba 'Princeton Sentry' - Mature Height 40-50'

A ginkgo cultivar that is pest free & narrow frame. Chartreuse, fan shaped leaves flutter in the breeze & turn vivid yellow in the fall. Prefers sun.

Red Oak

Quercus rubra - Mature Height 60-70'

A broadleaf tree, rounded, ascending, usually with massive branches. New leaves reddish in the spring, green in the summer, fall foliage from yellow-brown to russet-red. Fast growing.

Greenspire Linden

Tilia cordata 'Greenspire' - Mature Height 50'

A magnificent dense shade tree with clusters of fragrant yellow flowers in early summer, dark green foliage throughout the season & an outstanding yellow-gold in fall. Low maintenance, needs full sunlight. 

 Additional options may be available at the local nurseries. Please remember, the property owner is responsible for tree root impact on city sidewalks and infrastructure.